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Pop Ups Be Gone 1.0

No Image A Powerful Internet Pop up Stopping Utility that will block unwanted pop ups. It also lets you "white list" any sites where you may want to allow pop ups. Minimizes conveniently to the sytem tray and works in the background. Also gives you the option to run at Windows startup so that you never have to think about pop ups again!

BPS Popup Shield BPS Popup Shield is a powerful program for blocking announig pop-ups.
BPS Popup Shield

Popup Shield , you can deny annoying popup windows when you surf online. Installing BPS Popup Shield stops all pop-ups and annoying ads. BPS Popup Shield is a smart and simple program that will automatically get rids of unuseful pop-ups. It runs well all Windows operating systems including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. BPS Popup Shield provides Real-Time Protection against annoying popups. BPS Popup Shield prevent pop-up windows from ever appearing

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Xavier PopUp Killer 2.54

Popup Killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect. To allow pop-up windows you can temporarily disable the pop-up killer by holding Control, Shift or `a`. An unique Xavier`s Popup Killer feature is that it will kill all pop ups and rotating banners ads from file sharing programs

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POP-Stopper-IE 1.2.6

Popup Remover. POP-Stopper-IE is the only popup removal software that also stops window resizing. POP-Stopper-IE is also then only popup removal software that gives you a second chance on blocked popups. All other popup removal software do not even let you know what popups it removes. Suppose you went to your bank online and they had an important notice that you need to know about that they tell you with a popup, POP-Stopper-IE give you that chance

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Pop up Blocker Pro 7.0.6a: Pop up Blocker Pro is an aggressive pop-up blocker.
Pop up Blocker Pro 7.0.6a

Pop up Blocker Pro is an aggressive pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker has 4 types of pop-ups blocking: 100% pop-ups blocking, Pop-ups Block list, Pop-ups Block list with keywords, Limit windows opened. This is one program packed with advanced Privacy Protection Technologies (Prevent your home page from being reset, Go to URL, Proxy settings, Sound effect on close pop-ups, Disable auto suggest, Block messenger spam pop-ups and much more).

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ID AntiPopup 1.2: ID AntiPopup is a top quality blocking program of all troublesome popup windows.
ID AntiPopup 1.2

pop-ups - Shows popup windows at request - Prevents harmful PC attacks - Automatically removes re-tracked popups - Searches for dangerous popup windows Detailed features: - Blocks or unblocks popups that will show-up when surfing over the Internet. ID AntiPopup can disable all popups from interfering with you viewing a certain web-site and can also enable you to see them. - ID AntiPopup stores a list of all pop-ups that have been prevented from showing

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Sureshot PopUp Killer 3.10: Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically.
Sureshot PopUp Killer 3.10

pop-up stopper preventing all annoying pop-up windows from appearing as you surf the web. The popup killer has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen. Each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect. To allow pop-up windows you can temporarily disable the pop-up killer by holding Control, Shift or `a`. Sureshot PopUp Killer will also kill the new breed of pop-ups called

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